Back on it

It’s been a tough period since the last post. Sadly my mother passed away; other family members have had spells in hospital; and I’ve moved house. The bike necessarily took a back seat. Anyway, now back and I’ve been catching up getting ready for a trip. No specific plans what that might entail yet but […]

Our beautiful land

Took part in the Velo Birmingham and Midlands, doing so again as an official Domestique helping other riders with mechanical and other problems out on the 100 mile course. The weather was awesome, at least once we had warmed up, and the spring flowers in full bloom, especially the bluebells.  We do live in a […]

Not as fit as I was?

Next weekend will be the second running of Vélo Birmingham, though its been renamed Vélo Birmingham & Midlands as we now get sent to Coventry! Last time out in 2017 I rode as a Domestique and will be doing so again. That doesn’t mean I’m carrying  lots of water filled bidons, rather along with others […]

Decisions Decisions

Andrew Sykes in his book Crossing Europe on a bike called Reggie (great read btw) talked of all the procrastinating before his first big tour. Reading his other books I feel he likes to continue with it too, especially when given the choice of more than one path to ride ahead. Perhaps all cyclists are […]