I set up this wordpress site at the beginning of May 2019 in order to track my thoughts and experiences for an idea that had been gelling over the previous few weeks. I don’t typically blog, but sometimes I know that my own research and activities are of interest to others doing a similar or related thing.

I called it “Map by Bike by Map” to convey two very specific non occupational interests; Mapping and Cycling.

I’ve been a serious contributor to the OpenStreetMap project since its early days and most of my ‘mapping’ activity has been achieved by riding a bike around the urban and rural areas close to wherever I have been living or working at the time. I’ve also become an avid road cyclist, especially since joining the large STRAVA based cycling ‘collective’ Boldmere Bullets. With the knowledge from local mapping I’ve spent many a happy hour creating cycling routes for the ‘Bullets’, cycling friends, and my own needs of getting from A to B or indeed from A back to A. These routes usually end up on a map enabled GPS receiver or are used for navigation on a phone map app.

So…. I map by bike AND bike by map 🙂

and the idea? Well it was all about having a focus of activity when cycle touring.